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Lithic Witchcraft:
A Year of Stone Magick

Join us for a magical journey into the heart of stone witchcraft, guided by the Wheel of the Year. We are currently gathering interest & building the circle, with a tentative start date of Samhain 2024. 

Hag Stone Key

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Quartz Landscape
Stone Sigils

Join the circle & delve into the magick and mysteries of the Old Stones...

✦ Discover new ways to work with fossils and stones in witchcraft

✦ Harness primal elements of geology in your magic

✦ Engage with spirt forces of the land & the Ancestors through the medium of stone

This course is for you if you would like to:

Fossil Sand Dollar
Flint Elfshot

✦ Explore different ways to work with mineral materials in divination

✦ Celebrate the seasons & uncover sacred stone correspondences related to turning points along the Wheel of the Year

✦ Learn about lithic folklore & folk practices of Europe

✦ Deepen your connection with the sacred stones in your surrounds

✦ Work with stone in the construction of charms for protection, healing & spirit work

✦ Incorporate forms of lithic magic into your practice rooted in traditional wisdom

✦ Uncover virtues for dozens of rocks, crystals, minerals & fossils commonly used in witchcraft & folk magic

✦ And more

Course start date & cost TBA

LIVE Zoom classes w/ recordings available

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M. Cunningham


Michelle Cunningham is a folk witch, longtime Pagan, and lover of geology. She brings more than 25 years of experience to her teaching and delights in sharing the magic of stone with others. Read more about her background & approach here >

"Michelle’s classes are a magical weaving of long forgotten folklore, history, and science, evoking the power of place in ancient landscapes and the everyday magic in your own back yard. She brings a rare approach to working with stones in witchcraft, one that is rooted in years of study, depth of knowledge, and grounded in authentic practice. I highly recommend any of Michelle’s courses to witches, pagans, and other magical folk who long to connect with the timeless power of stone."

- Danielle Blackwood, astrologer & author of The Twelve Faces of the Goddess

Limestone Moon
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