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Hello! My name is Michelle Cunningham and I am a writer, queer witch, and folk magic(k) practitioner. I've been following a Pagan path for more than 25 years - forging my own way as a teen, then finding initiation with a Gardnerian coven in Glastonbury, England in 2004. I spent many years immersed in the sacred landscape of Avalon and the Somerset Levels before returning to the west coast of Canada where I now reside with my wife and fluffy black cat on the liminal edge of vast wilderness. These days my craft is a mostly solitary one, with a more traditional and folkloric flavour.


I have always been drawn to to the 'bones of the earth', to the hollows and outcrops and rocky features of landscape. Even as a child the power and presence of stone is something I experienced vividly. I took courses in geology as well as history at university, and opened a small crystal shop with a focus on responsibly-sourced stones. But the true foundation for my work has been decades of personal research and dedication to my path - exploring connections to folklore, uncovering effective ways to use lithic magic, and my deepening relationships with the Otherworld and spirit forces of stone.  

If you are drawn to my work, you likely already have an established spiritual practice of some kind and are looking to delve a little further into the magic of stone. My classes do not assume you practice a particular type of witchcraft, or even identify as a witch necessarily; they are, however, framed within the context of animism and the belief in a spirit world immanent and inseparable from our own. In my work, I seek to find balance between the past and the present, to be inspired and informed by elements of history and stone-lore whilst finding new relevance for the modern age.


My ancestral roots are Scottish and English with a little Irish and Scandinavian, and these influences lend shape to my teaching and practice. As a witch and dual citizen, I am very familiar with liminality and living between the worlds both spiritually and geographically. I do my best to tread lightly and respectfully across the realms. I am committed to my own continual learning around dismantling discrimination and colonial structures within witchcraft and the outside world. I am an eternal student as much as I am a teacher, and I'm grateful for the countless opportunities, mentors, and lessons life has afforded me.

If you find resonance with my words and offerings, I would be delighted to work with you! Please consider joining one of my classes by following the link below. You can also find me on Instagram @oldstoneways or email I look forward to connecting with you!


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For many witches and Pagans, looking to the past (and perhaps to beliefs and traditions connected to one's ancestry) can be a rich source of inspiration for their modern craft. In a broader cultural sense, we are also experiencing something of a renaissance related to folk skills and a return to land-based practices. All of this holds huge potential to create meaning, joy, and re-enchantment in our lives. It can also offer ways to live in greater accordance with the seen and unseen worlds, and help ground us as we navigate an increasingly challenging world. 


However, it is a deeply upsetting fact that in recent years aspects of Paganism, folklore, traditional skills, and European customs have become co-opted by white nationalists and neo-Nazis to support abhorrent ideas around purity and ancestral entitlement. Fascist concepts such as 'blood and soil', rigid gender roles, and 'traditional values' that support their agenda have been creeping insidiously into Pagan and wellness spaces - something we must all remain hyper-vigilant about.

This note is to state unequivocally that the work I present is fundamentally anti-racist and anti-fascist. While I choose to look to the traditions of my ancestors from the British Isles to inform my practice, I adamantly believe that their magic is not limited to those with direct heritage. Folklore and folk magic belong to the common people - and with the exception of certain closed spiritual practices - I believe that magical traditions represent a shared heritage that can be engaged with in contextually respectful ways.

All genuine seekers are welcome here. Fascism is not.

 I am grateful to live on the ancestral and unceded traditional territory of the ɬaʔamɩn gɩǰɛ (Tla’amin), ƛohos giǰi (Klahoose), and Xwémalhkwu (Homalco) Nations on the west coast of what is now known as British Columbia, Canada.

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